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Teacher Training Possibilities

Meanwhile there’s a consistent incoming flow of inquiries regarding the training possibilities I offer yoga teachers to improve their teaching skills and challenge their concepts by engaging in a most of all practical dialogue. Those inquiring, realize that they want to go deeper, feel free from the chains of lineages and spread the message of yoga in an authentic and truthful way

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Yoga Enthusiasts

Besides those inquiries, yoga enthusiasts who’s dream it is to one day become a yoga teacher, find my YogaTeachingSkills website and the customized and profound organic approach I choose resonates with them

Individual trainings have started and it is very exciting to observe the different personalities, future teaching dreams differing from each other and the pace that the uniqueness of every individual requires when it comes to learning, self-practice and exploration.

I LOVE IT! A big THANK YOU to my current pupils, you can count on me a 100%!

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