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About Me

I am Anke Mein, born and raised in Berlin, Germany. I moved to The Netherlands in 1991 and have lived here eversince.

My experience in my profession as yoga teacher is based on thousands of group and private yoga classes that I’ve been teaching since 2005 at my yogastudio Yogashala. This is all backed up by thorough teacher training and consistent self-inquiry. Living with Chris, who is my partner and teaches at Yogashala as well, enables me to exchange ideas about yoga on a daily basis. I regularly write about yoga and my experiences as a yoga teacher for our website blog as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

Teaching high-quality yoga classes has always been a primary driver for me. I teach yoga in a way that empowers students to understand the essence of yoga practice and integrate this understanding into their daily activities.

My classes offer handles for personal development based on a simplistic, but in-depth approach to yoga. It is important to me that every student in the class comes into contact with the unique composition and potential of the human body and its self-regulating and healing ability.